Typical Training Day

The goal of this amazing triathlon training camp is to prepare campers to compete in the 2022

Lifetime Chicago Kids Triathlon and the 5k/8k race celebration at the Matteson Community Center.

The daily activities will provide kids with an incredible opportunity to learn how to swim, bike, and run in a fun, relaxed environment that lets kids be kids. Tri-Masters motto is “Tri and you can Master anything in life.” It is OK if your child do not know how to swim, ride a bike, or doesn’t enjoy running. Under the supervision of certified coaches, all our training is geared to fun, with game- based activities so that campers will enjoy learning the proper techniques of how to swim, ride a bike and running.

In order for kids to be more successful, consider sending them to camp with elastic shoe laces (sold at Skinny Raven, usually $7), or Velcro shoes work well too.